About Magical Teams

Read more about Magical Teams and how we can help you have a more magical team!


We're passionate about building the most magical teams possible.


It's heart-breaking to invest in someone who doesn't produce quality work and can't seem to keep up.
It can feel lonely, frustrating, time consuming, and like all of the responsibility falls only on you.
If only you could have proper support, the business would really prosper!

We understand and support team building from BOTH sides.

Both leaders and team members are longing for proper support and will flourish when they have it.

We find that team members WANT to do more, to improve, and get results. But, leaders can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to support them in the ways that team members need to thrive.

Our mission is to bridge the gap and make it a win-win for leaders AND their team.


You have more to give, but it feels like none of your bosses can see, wants, or nurture it.
Confidence and enthusiasm gets squashed when leaders "fix", give unclear direction, or are overly opinionated.
If only you could have proper support, you would really make an impact!

At Magical Teams, we are matchmakers and mentors.

Matchmakers between great talent and great small companies.

Mentors to leaders and teams so they have what they need to succeed, thrive, and have their own magical team!


she/her/hersChristina Salerno

At my core, I’m a maker and a builder. I love to uncover the improvements that make the most impact and then build solutions other people can maintain. I’ve been nicknamed by clients the “all-seeing eye” and often get crushed on for my mad organization skills. I also have a personal passion for finding and empowering hidden gems in the hiring process – the folks who often get overlooked but are secretly wonderful team members.

MY MAGIC: Investigative puzzle solver. Coaching that feels easeful yet potent. Builder of products and experiences. Organizing all the things. Celebration and nurture of people’s potential.

he/him/hisNick Hamilton

From working in the intelligence community to over a decade in Silicon Valley to somatic coaching to master certified BBQ judge… I’ve been told by folks they never know what I will get into next. I’m a deep generalist. I believe what matters most is kindness, playfulness, good food, nature, and movement. I’m passionate about building teams with sustainable longterm strategy so they can be great without me.

MY MAGIC: Narrative storytelling. Distilling complex concepts into simple visual frameworks. Giving and receiving feedback. Expertise and experience across a wide range of industries.


she/her/hersDeb Radloff

Five things: 1) Blending Coffee, milk, and ice together in a magic bullet does make it taste better, 2) The best discussions are the ones that can make you do a little “discussion jig” that isn’t quite a dance, but isn’t standing still, and if you aren’t audibly saying “YES”, you’re thinking it, and 3) I think everyone deserves to feel valued, trusted, respected in life, and the work they choose to do. 4) Did I find Recruiting, or did recruiting find me? 5) All skills are transferable, you just have to find out how!

MY MAGIC: I’m an actor (who still acts) turned recruitment coordinator who genuinely loves to connect with people. My magic is a strong desire to get out of my own comfort zone, which means I’m often good at inspiring others to get out of theirs! Also handstands…

she/her/hersOlivia Wirick

When starting her big girl career in the real estate world, Olivia accidentally fell in love with recruiting even more than selling houses. If she’s not researching candidates and reviewing applications, she’s likely road tripping across America to the mountains, beaches, and everywhere in between. Fueled by her crippling coffee addiction, love to photograph breathtaking destinations, and longing to find the best hole in the wall restaurants that the locals adore.

MY MAGIC: A lover of new challenges, I bring my toolbox of lessons learned, skills mastered, and yearning to make the world a better place with me everywhere. Connecting someone with what the didn’t even know was their dream job. Marketing the latest and greatest ‘built in the basement’ boutique. Blogging the best restaurants in town. Making a house a home. I love it all.


he/him/they/themJamison Daniels

I love hats. All different types of hats. Well, metaphorical hats that is. From starting my own non-profit theatre company at eighteen years old to launching my own multi-media production company in New York City. The entrepreneurial spirit has always been alive and well within me. Always driven to nurture relationships with clients and my team, understanding clients needs and translating them into creative solutions. I have a strong passion for adding value to the world and fighting for equal representation in the workplace.

MY MAGIC: Recognizing the strengths and super powers others have even when they don’t. I’m a storyteller at heart and love to help people tell their best stories. Leading with compassion and empathy.

They helped us "see into the future" by using their unique hiring campaign.
Michelle V.

“Hiring is usually stressful because you feel like you have to make a big decision based on brief flashes of information. However, Magical Teams helped us “see into the future” by using their unique hiring campaign to uncover things you normally don’t find out until after you’ve hired someone. I felt at ease watching them captain the various stages of recruiting and evaluation. The whole process was more thorough than anything we would have come up with on our own. They also helped us sort through the factors that would end up mattering most to a small team like ours. Our new hires integrated seamlessly into our team, and they really hit the ground running on day one. Looking back, we know with confidence exactly why each person was hired.”







They're truly one of a kind!
Ginny LouloudesExecutive Director of A.R.T./New York

“Christina and her team are gifted. They truly listen when their clients speak and make remarkable observations from their words. The insights are always thoughtful and illuminating. Best of all, they infuse their work with a sense of joy and playfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them; they’re truly one of a kind!”


The Missing Piece for Your Business to Thrive

Is your growth bottlenecked by building your operations and team?

We help early stage startups or established online businesses with small / micro teams on their priorities, people, and processes:

Prioritize what matters the most.
Work through the biggest bottlenecks and opportunities.
Build key systems and processes across business operations.
Find and manage the people to implement the vision.

We take an integrative coaching approach where we work closely with leaders to understand what matters most and problem solve through implementation.